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We have provided answers in advance to some of the most common questions you might have about services; check out the examples below. If you still have questions please call us and one of our operators will be happy to assist you with whatever inquiries you may have.

Will AISG Managed services work for me?

Yes. When we design our systems for you, we tailor each system to work around your networks, designs, routers, mobile devices and computers in place so that there is no need to change anything that you currently have in place. Our systems are very flexible in terms of compatibility.

What are the main differences between hosted access control and typical access control?

Most access control systems are purchased and installed by a vendor, or self-installed, but that is where the relationship ends. With AISG’s Hosted Access Control, dedicated professionals maintain and monitor your security day and night.

Unlike conventional installers, an AISG access control team technician will walks you through each step of the process and continue to help you as needed. In addition to the installation and maintenance of your system, Managed Access Control provides around the clock service should any problem arise.

What if I decide I need changes to my system?

Should you decide that you need changes to your system, an AISG technician will gladly assist you with programming assistance like activating and de-activating credentials, changing permission levels, hours, etc.

Where are the Concierges located?

The concierges are located at our off site AISG headquarters in College Point, Queens.

How long does it take to install the Virtual Concierge System?

Typically, an installation takes approximately 3-5 days depending on variables such as age of building and scope of the given project.

Does someone monitor the cameras 24/7?

The cameras are recording 24/7/365 and operators respond on demand. The cameras are not constantly being watched as that service could not be provided by anyone in a cost effective manner to the client. Technology like motion sensors and door contacts are used to assist the operators in monitoring a building.

Will captured video be viewable from a mobile device with your Hosted Video System?

Yes, the video can be viewed from a mobile device or tablet so that you can monitor your site on the go.

What happens when new system features are released?

AISG performs all system updates and upgrades so that you are easily able to gain access to the newest features, applications and service offerings.

Do I need a computer that is always turned on in order to operate the camera?

No, there is no need for a PC or DVR. The camera is not connected to a computer, but it does need to be connected to a central server on the Internet.