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MAC is your personal gatekeeper and security guard. The managed access control service provides 24/7 access control via the AISG off site command center. MAC grants or denies access through entryways and other areas based on predetermined access control credentials determined by you. With hosted access control you leverage the cloud through AISG’s economies of scale to get you services and features that would be both expensive and unnecessary to acquire on your own.


  • AISG manages the system install, operation and maintenance.
  • No hardware investment required.
  • AISG performs all system updates and upgrades. Easily get new features, applications and service offerings.
  • A cohesive security strategy.
  • Reduce risk with the ability to designate who has access to your business.
  • Make personnel access authorizations in real time.
  • Remotely manage security and reduce manpower.
  • A customizable access control solution for your business needs.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • The access control system logs are stored remotely on AISG server
  • Access credential can be in the form of a key fob, card, wireless, or biometric identification.

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