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HVS is your personal surveillance watchdog. Our Hosted Video Solutions service provides 24/7 remote video recording and storage from the American Integrated Security Groups’s (AISG) off-site command center. Remote video surveillance enables you to view activity at your property, interact with the premises, and take action as necessary from a computer or mobile device. With hosted video you leverage the cloud through AISG’s economies of scale to acquire a service that would be quite costly to implement on your own.


  • AISG manages the system install, operation and maintenance.
  • No hardware investment required.
  • Simplified management and view of multiple locations.
  • Share video and provide varying user rights for different users.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Reduce required manpower.
  • High-quality camera footage.
  • Monitor deliveries without anyone present.
  • Stretch your physical security dollars without compromising the level of security.
  • A reliable security solution.
  • A flexible service offering that supports and can grow with your business.
  • AISG performs all system updates and upgrades. Easily get new features, applications and service offerings.

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